Sunday, December 9, 2007

Back From Boone

Back from the mountains of Boone, NC with a few thoughts>>>

1. What a GREAT, GREAT year! Always tough to end on a loss, but President Ayers said it best in the locker room..."We are proud of you!"

2. The Spider football student-athletes, coaches, and support staff accomplishments were something special. EVERYONE who followed the success of the team this year has to be impressed and excited about what is to come!!

3. We played 3 playoff games in 3 very different settings. Our game at App. State was played in front of over 24,000, an FCS [1-AA] record for a non-championship game. Also at Wofford, in front of a 7,000+ in an 8,500 seat stadium there was an exciting atmosphere. Unfortunately, we had only 3,200+ paying customers at UR Stadium for the first round playoff game. I am confident that the new on-campus stadium will change that...but until that venue is ready for play, we need more people buying tickets to come see the Spiders play!! They are certainly deserving of your support and worth changing your schedule to come see play.

Speaking of the new stadium, the process is progressing as expected, with serious discussions on-going with city officials as a part of the approval requirements. There is every reason to expect formal hearings to begin in a few months as planned.

4. Rumors continue to circulate about Coach Clawson and other jobs. The good news is that our coach is attractive to other universities. The bad news is...well, let's not go there.

Rest assured, I understand Coach Clawson's value to the football program and our student-athletes. I am committed to establishing an atmosphere, a relationship, and a compensation package that clearly sends that message to Coach Clawson.