Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Little Surprised

I have been told that there has been "message board" criticism of my post calling for Spiders fans to band together to support our new football coach. I am somewhat surprised that anyone would criticize a call for all Spiders to support our coach and football program...we do need more support... we do need more people buying tickets...we do need more fans coming to UR Stadium..we do need more people buying Spider Seats in the new stadium...we do need all Spider fans saying great things about our coach, team, and university.

However, if a call for all of us to join together and support the new coach and team creates any negativity, I had better remove the post.



Hope to see all of you at the Dayton game Saturday night...a bunch of good things happening...

1. Playing a nationally-ranked team at home

2. Honoring our new Hall of Fame inductees, including mbb star Curtis Blair

3. Recognizing the football team at half-time

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hope you were able to read john's article about the A10 in the T-D this morning. Several teams in the league are really having a great year...4 are currently ranked in the top 20 RPI teams in the country...far more than any other conference.

You should also note that A10 teams have 9 wins over top 50 teams and have beaten traditional powers such as Syracuse [twice], Louisville, Pittsburgh, Indiana, Cincinnati, Virginia, Boston College, and Wake Forest.

And what a great day Thursday was...

1. big announcement that the Robins Foundation made a $5 million gift to the stadium...that puts us at about $25 million and concludes our active stadium fund raising....AND

2. big crowd in Robins Center for a win against about our freshmen!!! They are blending in very well with our sophomores, juniors and seniors and really contributing.