Thursday, April 5, 2007


Thought you might like to know what the general A10 basketball scheduling guidelines are:

PURPOSE: Encourage member schools to schedule in such a way as to maximize the opportunity to place multiple teams in the NCAA tournament. Specifically, teams who have realistic at-large expectations should play a schedule that will enhance their RPI to make them attractive as at-large selections. Teams who do not have realistic at-large expectations should schedule to win as many games as possible so as not to be enhance the conference's RPI.

Here is what we are doing...

1. The coaches and athletic directors reach a concensus as to which category each team belongs.

2. For non-conference games, teams with high expectations should not be playing opponents higher than 200 on the RPI. Remember two years ago when GW won a bunch of games, but received an 8 seed because of their non-conference schedule. This rule addresses that issue. Teams with lower expectations should schedule in a manner to maximize wins.

3. For conference games, teams will play everyone once and then play 3 additional games against teams similarly situated.

4. We are not supposed to be "bought"...that is, schedule away games for payment. You lose most of these games!

5. Of course, the commissioner can make exceptions for special circumstances.

Does item 3 mean we are no longer guaranteed to play our two geographic partners, eg GW & Charlotte? [question from reader]

Yes....that's what it does mean. We are tentatively scheduled to play Charlotte, Duquesne, and LaSalle twice next year.