Monday, December 10, 2007

Attendance Report

Take a minute and read this comment that one of my loyal blog-readers sent in...

Just curious about our attendance in the first round. I know there were far more than 3200 people there. We all know the numbers are under-reported, but I was a little surprised to hear you say it here as if you really believe there were only 3200 in attendance. So what is the deal with those numbers? How accurate or inaccurate are they? And do we under-report just because of the new stadium coming or what?

I continue to hear this comment and there is just no factual basis for the assertion that we are under-reporting attendance at UR Stadium. The problem is that for years the estimates were so high, the real numbers are difficult to believe.

Here are the facts [again]...

During the regular season, we report the number of tickets that are out. So, if a ticket was bought at full-price, a discount price, or even given away, it is counted...even if the person who had the ticket didn't show attendance reported is the maximum possible and the attendance will be lower.

During the playoffs, there are no complimentary tickets [the university purchases the complimentary tickets given to the students]. There is an actual count of tickets purchased, and an accounting filed with the the count is a real number.

This issue is silly enough that I am working on a new promotion for next year...Since so many people think they know what the attendance is and would rather make it up than believe the real number, we are going to have a contest during each game. The lucky winner gets a t-shirt that says..."I picked the attendance at the xxxxx game". He or she will get to come out onto the field, make up whatever they think the attendance is, and we will announce that as the official attendance...Sounds like a plan!!!