Monday, March 12, 2007


First, let me congratulate the Virginia schools playing in the NCAA mbb tournament. It's great to have 4 state schools playing.

Here are my quick thoughts about those teams who are either complaining that they ARE NOT in the turny or team who ARE IN the turny and people don't think they should be...Seems like there are 11 schools that fall into these categories...maybe more...

One way of evaluating the teams is to look at how they performed against other teams who are actually in the tournament...

Teams IN, but some wonder why...
Most of the teams selected did fairly well against other teams in the tournament:

Xavier 5-1
Ga. Tech 6-7
Stanford 6-7
Texas Tech 4-5
ODU 2-3
Purdue 5-7
Arkansas 4-6

Teams that are OUT and wonder why....
Syracuse 5-5
Kansas St. 3-6
Drexel 2-5
West Va 2-7

Looks like the team that really has a valid concern is Syracuse.