Saturday, January 13, 2007

Swimming, Screaming, & Stadiuming...all on a Saturday

good luck to the women's swim team...they are at maryland for a meet. i see that caitlin geary broke a school record yesterday... congratulations!

I saw a member of the swim team in the hallway as they were leaving for College Park. She was not all that excited about being back at see, the swim team trains in Siesta Key, Florida during the semester break. I can't really blame her for wishing she was still there...what a beautiful area of the country...but, its back to classes Monday morning...

good win by the wbb team yesterday afternoon in front of a crowd that included about 500 Richmond elementary school students...however, it sounded like there were 500,000 in the building...i am sure the excitement helped our team...

STADIUM UPDATE>>>>The architects were on campus for a couple days last week and we made great progress in defining exactly what the stadium should look like. David Walsh [Deputy AD] and Coach Clawson spent 3 days this past week checking out other stadiums to get some comparisons. We are definitely on track to provide the Board of Trustees with drawings at their March 2 meeting.

Hope to see all of you at the Robins Center tonight.